Power Rangers: Super Samurai
Power Rangers on Monkey Quest

Power Rangers on Monkey Quest

The Power Rangers make an appearance on Nickelodeon's popular Monkey Quest game


Monkey Quest is hosting a Power Rangers promotion running through mid-July! The promotion includes an Arena Challenge and special prizes every day with the Power Rangers theme.

New Power Rangers Arena Challenge

  • Team up with the Power Rangers and battle evil in Ook
  • A Red Ranger monkey marks the entrance to an exclusive Power Rangers-themed arena, where players can hone their fighting skills against some of Ook's toughest monsters.
  • After defeating the arena, a special chest will unlock, awarding the player one of 8 different prizes, included a Samurai Sword, Power Rangers Masks and consumables that will help them during their next battle.
  • Players can return every day to battle evil and to receive another prize.

About Monkey Quest

Designed for kids (ages 8-12), Monkey Quest is an action-packed massively multiplayer online game (MMO) that is fun, easy to learn and FREE to play! A user simply creates an account, customizes a monkey and in no time he/she begins a fun journey in the fantastical world of Ook.

Since its launch less than a year ago, Monkey Quest has experienced explosive growth, reaching nearly 5 million US monthly unique visitors in December 2011! It's one of the most popular and talked-about games among kids, and with the trustworthy brand of Nickelodeon, parents can feel secure about their child's safety.


Sign up or login into Monkey Quest. If you are new to Monkey Quest, you will need to complete the tutorial level until you reach the Crossroads Path. Once you have unlocked Crossroads Path, visit the hub and head towards the Samurai Arena Hub (cross the bridge ahead of you and turn left).

In the Arena, you can activate the Challenge by pressing the Ctrl in front of the pedestal, located in the center of the Arena. This will activate the Challenge with a few monsters. After you defeat the monsters, you will be rewarded with a random prize. You can replay the level by exiting the Arena and restarting the Challenge. For the Red Ranger armor, you will need to be Level 5. You could play a side quests for easy experience. The higher your level, the stronger your character will be. One advice is to play the side quests and train to Level 5. Play the Arena Challenge until you get the Red Ranger helmet, shirt, and pants. In the process, you should also unlock the Spin Sword.


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